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After an excellent day of fun and games, Antares Day has come to a close, but to those who didn’t have the chance to come don’t fret – in this article we’ll tell you all the juicy details!


The calm before the storm…

Empty Hall

An empty hall, waiting for its combatants.


The Algoryn Hazard squads have arrived in their Hazard stike capsules.

Every person who bought a skirmish or combat ticket got themselves a goodie bag! Containing the brilliant and quick playing Antares Dice game, plus the special Mercenary Togg and a special print of his rules!
Goodie Bags
A presentation can be everything and Alex Sharp displayed his Algoryn quite stunningly!
Check out each of the tables! (There was a 13th table that the cameraman forgot to take a picture of!)

We also have trophies to hand out to the victors of this event, from the 1st place winner and runner-up to best newcomer, best army and the wooden spoon award!

The armies

Here is a quick gallery of most of the armies that were there! Our cameraman couldn’t get photos of all the armies in unison as players were just so excited to get started!

Round 1

The games have begun and here are a few photos of the first round. Mission 1: Let Battle Commence…


Round 2

Everybody has licked their wounds and ready for more, here are the photos for the second round! Mission 2: Reinforce the position…

TransmatEvery player had to activate and use 2 transmat pads, for most of them it was their first time playing with this dynamic game mechanic and made the scenario that extra bit challenging!

Round 3

The stakes are higher and so are the points, this event was a simple 1000 point clash. As a result, nearly each army had new heavy hitters, from the C3 transport drone to the new Algoryn liberator!

Here are some of the photos for the final round! – There are 5 transmat pads to aid surprise flank attacks and reinforcement of positions.

Overview 3

Handing out Rewards!

We had a few awards to hand out, but first, we gave every tournament attendee a goodie bag and a shirt!

After that, we had contestants for best painted units, here are the attendees:

Our two runners ups!

Next, our winners, we had the best unit and best army respectively!

Following that, we had our best newcomer, George fought the good fight against the experienced players!
Best new comer George
Afterward, we had second place, James Bowen with his Algoryn.
James Bowen 2nd
Now…we had the wooden spoon award! This is awarded to the players whose luck just didn’t favour them, and it certainly didn’t for our awardee who managed to pull out 18 enemy order dice in a row!  Well done Ade.

Wooden Spoon 18 dice for enemy
Lastly but not least, our overall winner, Aston Howes! Congratulations!
Aston Howes 1st

The Results!

After a brutal tournament, here are the results! For each army, we’re going to release the top finishing list so people can learn and study what makes a winning list!

Position Name Army Rnd 1 Rnd 2 Rnd 3 Total
1 Aston Howes Ghar 20 20 20 60
2 James Bowen Algoryn 20 20 13 53
3 Jamie Howard Concord 7 20 20 47
3 Lee Prestidge Algoryn 7 20 20 47
5 Simone Ristori Algoryn 13 20 20 53
6 Elliott Ireland Algoryn 20 20 0 40
6 John Foster Ghar Outcast Rebels 13 7 20 40
6 Joseph York Concord 13 20 7 40
6 Andy Macphee Ghar 20 0 20 40
10 Brett Dawson Concord 7 7 20 34
11 David Richardson Algoryn 13 20 0 33
11 Alex Sharp Algoryn 20 0 13 33
11 Dom Hine Algoryn 13 0 20 33
11 Michael Oxley Ghar 0 13 20 33
11 Matthew Brede Ghar Outcast Rebels 0 13 20 33
16 Daniel Smith Isorian 7 13 7 27
16 Chris Campbell Freeborn 7 20 0 27
18 George Williams Algoryn 13 0 13 26
19 Christopher Watson-Gray Ghar 20 0 0 20
19 Scott Godfrey Concord 7 13 0 20
21 Adrian Delves Concord 0 7 7 14
22 David Horobin Concord 13 0 0 13
23 Ryan collins Concord 0 7 0 7
23 Adrian Painter Concord 7 0 0 7
23 Adrian (Ade) Roberts Concord 0 7 0 7
26 Cyrus Moosavinia Concord 0 0 0 0

Konflikt ’47 Bootcamp

If you fancy seeing stunning models in action and on display then make sure to come down to our next event on the 12th August here at HQ Nottingham:  The Konflikt ’47 Boot Camp! Check out the info article here!