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Albion Triumphant and Pike & Shotte reprints

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These two books are just in from the printers, and we’ve edited in the errata so these new editions are completely up to date and ready to play!

Albion Triumphant Volume 2 – The Hundred Days campaign

The Battle of Waterloo became a true landmark in military history, one that will never fade, and nothing on such a grand scale would be seen again.


This supplement for Black Powder overviews the main battles, armies and personalities of the Hundred Days campaign, and includes army lists, scenarios and special rules to enable you to re-fight them using the Black Powder rules.

Featured conflicts include:
Quatre Bras & Ligny (16th June 1815)
Hougoumont (18th June 1815)
Waterloo (18th June 1815)

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Pike & Shotte

The Thirty Years War ravaged whole countries, as the first truly national armies marched over Europe. Meanwhile, Royalists and Pariamentarians fought for control of the nation in the English Civil War. THis mighty hardback tome covers more than just these two wars – the Italian Wars, Tudor warfare and more are included…



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