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Frontline Report: The Age of Bronze Begins!

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A new era dawns in the ancient middle east. Civilizations will rise and fall as bronze weapons and armour change the face of warfare. The Age of Bronze has begun!

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This is an age of myth and heroes – where real history and campfire tale intertwine to create fantastic stories that seem implausible to the modern reader. Author Nigel Stillman has done a fantastic job with this supplement, separating the fact from the fiction, producing one of the most comprehensive wargaming resources available on the subject.

Age of Bronze takes us on a journey from the very beginning with squabbling Sumerians, through Biblical and Homeric epic, onto the trials and tribulations of Ancient Egypt and the rampaging Sea Peoples. 32 scenarios bring the key battles of the period to life, complete with orders of battle, troop values and colourful special rules.

If you’re new to the period and don’t know your Mitanni from your Minoans, this book is the perfect entry point. Nigel has gone to great lengths to summarise the history and give readers a clear and concise portrait of these ancient civilizations and how they waged war.

Bronze Age Skirmishes

We were thrilled to see another variation on the skirmish rules presented in Shield Wall and Rome’s Dacian Wars, giving players more options to get models on the table. The simplicity of both the core Hail Caesar mechanics and the skirmish modifications make for an excellent afternoon’s gaming.

The book presents several fantastic skirmish scenarios to whet your appetite, including chariot duels before the walls of Troy, shipwrecked Phonecians fending off Sea People pirates and Achaen tribespeople battling marauding Minoans!

Forge your Civilization!

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