Spotlight: Painting Wolf Pelts

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With the release of the bestial Ulfhednar a few weeks ago, we’ve produced a very quick guide for producing amazing looking wolf pelts. 

This guide can apply to fur of all types, on all types of model. The basic principles use a dark colour, a couple of lighter colours for contrast and for highlights, along with a wash to pick out the detail and level all the colours out.

We’re painting grey wolf pelts, using the following Army Painter colours:

Prepping the Model

To prepare our fearsome Ulfhednar for painting, we’ve undercoated him with Army Painter Matt Black and applied some sand, using PVA glue, to his base.

The Guide

Step 1:


First, undercoat all the fur on the model with Uniform Grey.

Step 2:


Now lightly drybrush the fur with Stone Golem.

Step 3:

Wash the fur with Dark Tone, focusing on the recessed details.

Step 4:

Lightly drybrush the fur with Brainmatter Beige.

Step 5:

Finally, lightly wash the fur with Dark Tone.

The Viking Ulfhednar

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