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New: Second Wave of Freeborn Reinforcements

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This week sees further reinforcements sighted in the Antarean universe – the recently released Freeborn see their ranks bolstered with the inclusion of four new units…

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Freeborn Command Squad

The Freeborn are merchants and traders, pursuers of wealth, influence and power within Antarean space. Their numerous fleets maintain a free-flow of commodities and technology between human worlds and beyond. The neutral status of the Freeborn allows their ships to travel easily between antagonistic societies such as the Isorian Shard and Panhuman Concord, and the Ghar and Algoryn. Although the Freeborn maintain a number of hidden worlds as supply bases, for the most part they stand aside and apart from other human societies, recognising no masters but the lord of their own household.

The Freeborn Command Squad blister contains one Freeborn Commander armed with plasma pistol – accompanied by a pair of Vardanari Guard with plasma carbines and a Spotter Drone.


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Freeborn Vardanari Squad

The strongest of Freeborn troops who serve the most powerful Freeborn families are the Vardanari – the personal bodyguards and retainers of the noble families of the Vardo – as each Freeborn community is called.

Vardanari units are lavishly equipped and uniformed at great expense, an expression of the grandeur and status of the family they serve. As well as being elite troops Vardanari are trusted attendants and advisors. Officers are often younger relatives of those they protect, and who will one day rise to positions of power and influence within the Vardo. Unfortunately, rivalry between the most powerful families means that armed guards are a necessity of life, even in public and amongst allies and friends.

Vardanari are armed with sleek plasma carbines, the most effective man-carried weapons of Antarean space, capable of delivering a precision blast or scattering a hail of plasma bolts into a dispersed target. Their uniforms reflect the partly ceremonial role they have within the society of the Freeborn. Their clothing and armour carries the colours and emblems of the families to which they belong. Their uniforms mount reflex armour generators which extend to the long impact cloaks worn by each Vardinari, a combination of protective fields that is especially effective at the close ranged combat at which the Vardinari excel.

Contains the following metal models:

1 Vardanari leader with plasma carbine, X-sling, reflex armour and impact cloak
5 Vardanari Guard with plasma carbine, X-sling, reflex armour and impact cloak
1 Freeborn Spotter Drone
1 Orders Dice


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Freeborn Mhagris Feral Squad

The Freeborn can supply weapons and technology to those who have need of it – or complete armies and fleets if the price is right! From a small continent of fighters to vast hordes – the Freeborn can facilitate the dreams of any would-be conqueror, or perhaps fulfil the desperate need of those faced with annihilation by forces beyond their power to resist.

To ensure a continuous supply of troops the Freeborn recruit savages from feral, degenerate or primitive worlds before training and equipping them ready for sale to the customer.

The Feral squad is typical of these war-like savages. They are armed with relatively simple and cheaply made mag weapons that spray splinters of metal at their target. Each squad includes a magnetic X-launcher, which can hurl shot over the heads of enemies and drive targets from cover.

Feral troops wear a version of the typical Freeborn undersuit. In their case this often a second-hand or surplus example, and many troopers cut down their suits to afford more freedom of movement. It is very common for these degenerates to wear tribal marking, warpaint, or primitive decorations that hark back to their savage origins.

Contains the following metal models:

1 Feral leader with mag gun
4 Feral Fighters with mag guns
1 Feral Fighters with micro X-launcher
1 Beyond the Gates of Antares Orders Dice


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Freeborn Mag Light Support Team

Magnetic weapons (or ‘Mag Weapons’ for short) propel a metallic, metal-coated or metal-cored projectile by means of a powerful magnetic pulse. The projectile itself takes the form of a spike, needle, sliver or plug. Small Mag weapons are fed by a magazine, however the larger, more sophisticated weapons carry their ammunition inside of an inbuilt compression field which is capable of carrying thousands of rounds – these larger weapons are also able to synthesise their own ammunition from an integral HCM (Hyper Compressed Material) core given a few hours.

Freeborn Support Team with Mag Light Support contains 2 metal crewmen, the Mag Light Support itself, and 1 Spotter Drone.


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