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New: Landsknechts – before the battle

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pro-gloria-1Raise your cups, relax and be merry by a burning fire, for tomorrow will see glory and death on the battlefield!

These fantastically characterful models bring your battlefield vignettes to life, either as a display or objective they’re a great bit of colorful fun to add to your army.


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With 2 different packs available you’ll be able to get the party started on the eve of battle!



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To get to grips with the enemy there’s a great little offer available allowing you to build your first regiment, and once you have this and your rules it’s time to explore the history and forces of the period and check our range for more reinforcements!


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We’ve also put-together an entire army’s worth of Landsknechts – giving you no less than 93 miniatures – including Command Sections, Pikemen, Handgunners, Support Teams, and character models!

Landsknechts Army Deal

The Landsknecht Army Deal contains;

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