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New: The Devil’s Playground Digital PDF

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Pre-orders are piling-up for our forthcoming American Civil War supplement for Black Powder – and over the past few months, our ‘Free Plastic Kit with System Starter Sets’ offer (ends very soon!) has seen a huge groundswell of new players trying out some of our other game systems…

So – over the past few weeks, Anna from the design studio has been a whirlwind of tech-wizardry, transforming some of our Rulebooks and Supplements into electronic form!

Keep watching the Warlord Newsletter, as she’s not done yet! – there are more digital titles to come!


The Thirty Years War was a series of conflicts that ravaged large areas of Europe, especially the German provinces, from 1618 to 1648. These conflicts centred on the Habsburg Holy Roman Emperors, Ferdinand II and Ferdinand III, and their opponents. Although viewed by many as a religious war between Catholic and Protestant nations, its roots and causes were also politically motivated. The combination of religious fervour and the political ambition of the European superpowers were to pit vast armies and mighty leaders against each other. The devastation caused by decades of fighting had truly turned Europe into the ‘Devil’s Playground’.


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Warlord has a great range of plastic and metal models for this conflict – here are a few of them:


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