In-depth: Lord Minimus, Sir Jeffery Hudson

Warlord’s own Commander in-chief John Stallard uncovers Lord Minimus’s extravagant and arduous journey!
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In 1626 the Earl of Buckingham laid on a great banquet for his majesty Charles I of England and his French Queen. Before the delighted Queen could cut open a large pie laid before the Monarchs, the pie crust burst open and out climbed a tiny person clad in armour. This was Jeffrey Hudson, who would lead a most extraordinary life.
Dubbed ‘Lord Minimus’, the smallest man in England, Hudson was a clever man from Rutland, (coincidentally England’s smallest county). He quickly became a court favourite – especially with the ladies. Born a Catholic in a dangerous time, he joined the Queen in bringing arms and money to England when Charles went to war with a rebellious Parliament.

Captured by privateers Hudson joined with Prince Rupert after his release, being commissioned as a captain of horse. When later he rejoined the Queen in France he declared that no one would ever again bully him for his size. Inevitably a man did just that and a mounted duel with pistols ensued. Jeffrey’s tormentor thought it all a great joke, even entering the field with a water syphon to ridicule him further. Hudson promptly shot him dead.
Hudson was forced to flee France after this illegal act, where again he was captured by pirates – this time suffering badly in North Africa. Ransomed years later, he had lost his previous fame, and worst of all, had grown to over three feet, thus no longer the astonishing midget he once was. Lord Minimus was later caught up in an anti-Catholic plot and imprisoned, but remained faithful to his religion to the end.

Lord Minimus in Pike & Shotte

Lord Minimus. Cavalry Commander. Command Rating 8……………………………………………………….45 points.

Special rule SHORT SHIFT: Whenever a unit that Lord Minimus is attached to engages in combat, he will take offence at some slight by the opposition commander and call them out to a duel. This takes place simultaneously with the combat. Both players roll 1D6, Minimus gets to add +1 to this roll.

Should Minimus win, he kills his opponent and 1 more gets added to the combat resolution. In addition, the opponents command rating for that unit only is dropped by 1 point as they search for a new commander.

Should Minimus lose, he is removed from play and his opponent gains the +1 to the combat resolution. No modifier is made to the Royalist command as they are expecting this and already have an able second on standby.

In case of a draw, honour has been served but no wounds are caused to the commanders and the duel has not effected to combat resolution.

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