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You Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To Par-tay…

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We couldn’t really celebrate our first birthday without a colossal pi…, er party could we?

Suffice to say we invited the great and the good from around the environs of the great city of Nottingham. All in attendance had helped Warlord in some way since it’s inception and as much as this was a birthday celebration it was also our chance to say a huge thank you to all present. That message is also due to all those unable to be there on the night due to living in the far flung corners of the earth – you were certainly missed (nothing a red-dot sight couldn’t rectify though!).

Held at Schloss Stallard, the night went swimmingly and much falling down water was drunk. Yes ‘drunk’, that’s a good word.  Paul happily kept his speech mercifully short and with only a small amount of heckling – probably down to the 17th century fighting dagger he was using to cut the cake. How very Warlord!

The cake was a huge success – especially once the lovely Rachel had found out it sent you teeth and tongue black (don’t ask how…).

Thanks again to everyone for your support – we’ll see you again next year!