Beyond the Gates of Antares, Ghar, Work in Progress

Work-in-Progress: Fartok, Leader of the Outcast Revolt

12 Days of Christmas – Day 9

For day 9 of this year’s ’12 Days of Christmas’ preview series, we have something rather special for the forces of the Ghar Empire….

Ghar outcasts are snivelling, whining and cowardly creatures that wouldn’t hesitate to betray their comrades on the slightest chance of better treatment or remission of their punishment. Such is the general nature of the Ghar who, as a race, have little sense of individual worth beyond the bosom of their cruel and uncaring society. Fartok – however – was different. Fartok was the Ghar who refused to kneel before his masters!


Fartok is portrayed in the recovered and hastily repaired battle armour scavenged by the outcast band from the battlefields of Ephra… but of course you can read more about Fartok and his exploits in the Beyond the Gates of Antares Rulebook!

Please note that this model has not yet entered production, so is still subject to change before release.

Keep checking the Warlord website every day on the run-up to Christmas, as there’ll be something new EVERY SINGLE DAY – and we have some very special presents in store…