Webstore: Von Drakk Manor

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Baron Von Drakk has pledged the might of his nightmare horde to the Dark Consul. Twisted necromancers of the Dust Covens have plundered crypt and grave, raising legions of armor-clad skeletons and undead abominations to serve their dark masters. The skies echo with the cackle of witches on their brooms as they cast curses on those below. Yet all is not lost. Mighty Heroes of Light have answered the call to defend Crystalia. Infused with the Goddess’s spirit, they stand ready turn back the darkness.

Featuring three new Heroes, dungeon boss, mini-boss, and three spawning points, Level Boxes are the ultimate way to expand your games of Super Dungeon Explore!

This Box contains;

  • 1x Celestial Herald Hero
  • 1x Sister of Light Hero
  • 1x Von Wilding Hero
  • 1x Von Wilder Werewolf Shapeshift
  • 1x Von Drakk Vampire Dungeon Boss
  • 1x Nocturne Vampire Shapeshift
  • 1x Death Spectre MiniBoss
  • 1x Pumpkin Patch Spawning Point
  • 1x Crypt Spider
  • 2x Curse Coven Witch
  • 2x Miserable Toad Shapeshift
  • 4x Skullbat
  • 2x Shallow Grave Spawning Point
  • 1x Dust Coven Necromancer
  • 2x Dust Mages
  • 2x Dread Knight
  • 6x Bone Head
  • 30x Model Game Cards
  • 7x Von Drakk Treasure Cards
  • 12x Von Drakk Explore Cards
  • 1x Secret Passages Tile Effect Card
  • 2x Bone Pile Token Sheets