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Warlords of Erehwon Halfling Warband

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Our friends at TTCombat have produced a heroic halfling warband – a perfect addition to our Warlords of Erehwon range!

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The Halfling Warband

Halfling Heroes

This fantastic set is the perfect way to get started with Warlord of Erehwon. You’ll get enough miniatures to make the following units:

  • A Halfling Chief Sheriff with two henchmen and 2 wizards
  • 3x Goat Heroes
  • 10x Halfling Infantry Militia
  • 10x Halfling Archers
  • 10x Halfling with Spears
  • 10x Halflings with Swords
  • 5x Halfling Goat Rider Archers
  • 5x Halfling Goat Rider with Spears
  • 5x Halfling Goat Riders with Swords
  • 5x Halfling Heavy Pig Riders
  • Halfling Pot Launcher
  • Halfling Rocket Launcher
  • 3x Treemen

With their leafy allies in tow, this warband is prepared to defend the Moot against any threat!

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As the Halflings muster for war, Skeletal hordes and mighty Orc warriors stride toward the battle:

Rulebook + Special Miniature

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Rulebook with Orcs

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Rulebook with Skeletons

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Tom Mecredy
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