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Warlord teams up with Conquest Miniatures!

Conquest Miniatures

Warlord Games announces exclusive distribution of Conquest Miniatures

We are proud to be able to announce a deal with our longtime friend, Eric Roof, proprietor of Conquest Miniatures. The agreement will see Warlord Games exclusively distribute Conquest’s exquisite French-Indian War and Native American ranges under our Black Powder brand. We’d like to thank Eric for giving us this opportunity to take these painstakingly researched ranges to a wider audience.

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A game of battles with model soldiers set in the age of the musket (1700-1900), Black Powder is just one of Warlord Games’ highly popular rules systems. With our first supplement for Black Powder, The Last Argument of Kings’, covering warfare in the 18th century the ranges fit perfectly – you’ll be able to refight epic battles such as Monongahela, Ticonderoga and Quebec or many of the numerous smaller battles and skirmishers during this bitter war.

The range will also be expanding to take in the Jacobite Rebellion as well as plenty of new models for the existing range. You’ll find the very best French-Indian War miniatures in a gaming store near you or on the Warlord Games and Conquest webstores.

For details of how to stock these new lines in your gaming store please contact our sales team at

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