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Warlord Games Day – Live Pictures 4

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Last instalment for today…


The venue was buzzing with games and vendors showcasing wargames across a multitude of eras and settings.


The Hobby area saw our tame Welshman, Daz Evans and resident kitbash king, Peter Wright pass on their hobby tips to crowds young and old.


The lads from our Sarge Demo Team hosted some fantastic Bolt Action intro games on tables familiar to many – such as this board depicting the town square from Kelly’s Heroes.


Alongside the many historical battles being undertaken, the streets of Mega City One were awash with injustice, and the day saw countless skirmished between the Justice Department and the undesirables that lurk among the shadows…


One of the highlights of the show had to be some of the gorgeous gaming tables produced by Alan and the team at Mandertory Miniatures.


All of the Cadets painting entrants received prizes, and we very much look forward to seeing their future work!


Of course, Warlord boss John Stalllard was on hand to keep the Warlord staff in-line…


Overall contest winner Steve Jackson takes the grand prize in the painting competition – a US-S-144 British Flank Infantry Officer’s Sabre – 1803 Pattern very kindly donated to us by the Military Sword Shop.

Well done to all the other winners too, and thanks to everyone who entered! We’ll be showing off photos of the winning models soon.