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Wargames Illustrated WI384 October Edition

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Wargames Illustrated WI384 October Edition is out in stores now. Get a free sprue of Black Seas ships*, and get a sneak peek at the game!

WI 384 Cover

*Assembly required. One frame of either two Brigs OR one Frigate will be randomly bagged with a WI384 October magazine.

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  • Observation Post
  • Cover mount focus: Painting your Black Seas Frigate
  • “The Pricking of My Thumbs”
  • Designer’s Notes: Black Seas
  • Theme: “That man cost me my Destiny”
  • Australian Frontier Warfare – Part II
  • Rules Showcase: Black Seas
  • Pimping your Ride
  • THEME: The Battle of Iles Saint-Marcouf
  • The Wanhsien Incident, China 1926
  • Theme: Sailing Through the Ages
  • Theme: Cat and Mouse
  • Designer’s Notes: Hardwired
  • A day in the Life of a Games Designer
  • The Infected Carcass
  • Ramree Island
  • How to… Swamps
  • Crusader Keeps
  • Ultramodern Primer
  • Why I Love… a Fistful of Lead


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Dan Hewitson
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