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Wargames Illustrated WI380 June Edition (with FREE Plastic Sprue)

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Wargames Illustrated WI380 June Edition is out in stores now and comes with a FREE plastic sprue of US Infantry for the award-winning Bolt Action game from Warlord Games – Order yours today!

Wargames Illustrated 380 June Edition


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    • Observation Post
    • Theme: Warlords and Rebels
    • Cover Mount Focus: US Infantry at D-Day
    • Theme: Lakshmi Bai: Warrior Queen
    • Designer’s Notes: Dark and Bloody Ground
    • Theme: No Bridge, No Country!
    • Show Report: Salute 2019
    • Theme: Piecing TogetherThe Greek Civil War
    • Snakemen and other scaly things
    • SAGA Age of MAgic: Could it be magic?
    • Show Report: Adepticon 2019
    • Theme: Wargames Designer, The next generation
    • Wargamers Squint
    • Wargames Spaces: Eric the Shed
    • Marching on with Battlegroup
    • How To… Build a Greek Temple

Order Issue 380 in store

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