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New: Virai Dronescourge Deep Mining Team with mag heavy support + with Fractal Disintegrator

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The Virai continue their mining operations – they arm their support teams with the new mag heavy support and Fractal Disintegrator to keep the enemy at bay!

Virai Dronescourge Deep Mining Team with Mag Heavy Support

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The mag heavy support gun – often abbreviated to Mag HS – is a long ranged very rapid firing and hard-hittting weapon. The mag heavy support gun is a larger and more potent version of the mag light support gun designed primarily for vehicle mounting and fixed point defence. Its magnetic rails are capable of an extremely high rate of fire and it is a deadly weapon against all but the most heavily armoured targets.

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Virai Dronescourge Deep Mining Team with Fractal Disintegrator

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Fractal weapons are primarily used for attacking static defences. They are relatively specialist weapons found in the arsenals of most Antarean forces but reserved for urban warfare where they are supremely useful. Fractal weapons utilise molecular resonance to break apart solid material.

Although slow to develop full power, their ability to break apart buildings and machines is almost limitless. They are also known as fractal disintegrators.

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The Swarm!

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