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Under the Eagle!

Like us many of you will be ardent fans of Simon Scarrow’s ‘Eagle’ series of novels. Set in Britain during the Roman invasion it follows Macro, a tough centurion and Cato, a young optio on their adventures – and what adventures they are! Warlord Games have been granted license by Headline Publishing to produce 28mm miniatures of the leading characters in the books.

Simon Scarrow books

Simon Scarrow it would seem is a keen gamer and general lover of model soldiers – huzzah! He mentions on his forums how excited he is about seeing his creations in miniature in the future. We will be meeting Simon soon to obtain, from the horses mouth, how he envisages his two heroes to look. If it works as well as we all hope, then we plan to do some more of Simon’s characters or follow our heroes’ fortunes in later books.

If you’ve not experienced the action-packed novels you’re missing out on a real treat! Starting with Under the Eagle our two heroes blaze a trail across Britain before heading to new adventures. Although each book is a self-contained story they read far better in order:

1. Under the Eagle
2. The Eagle’s Conquest
3. When the Eagle Hunts
4. The Eagle and the Wolves
5. The Eagle’s Prey
6. The Eagle’s Prophecy
7. The Eagle in the Sand
8. Centurion

If you have any ideas on what we could do for this exciting project please get in touch with us at – we’re all ears!

Our current thinking is two models (Macro and Cato of course!) as they appear in the first novel, Under the Eagle, on a dioramic base, which will look great to paint up, with the option of popping them off the base and into the ranks of your Legions. Hmm, time to think of statlines too…

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