The David Rattray Memorial Trust

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Warlord Games is a firm supporter of the David Rattray Memorial Trust – a well-deserving charity dedicated to the building and upkeep of Zulu schools local to the Rorke’s Drift area.

The Trust has been of great help to Warlord Games in our research work on the splendid models in our range and we would encourage you to donate just a little of your money to this fantastic and worthwhile charity. To this end we have added a Gift Aid dropdown menu to each of our Anglo Zulu War boxed sets, where you can choose to donate to this great cause (or not).

Rest assured every penny will go to the charity and every pound (or dollar!) makes a huge difference to Zulu children who walk miles often 15 miles a day a to attend school, and  still be clean and well turned out in uniform eager to learn.

More details about the David Rattray Memorial Trust can be found here and you can make a donation of any denomination by using the button below: