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The Antares Initiative – Month 3 – Jonathan from October Wargames

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October Wargames member Jonathan who is of the Freeborn  shares his account of his first game from Month 3 in this article!

By Jonathan Sommerville

Now my 500 point force is completed and having played a few games, I feel I’m ready to up the points values to 750 and progress a little further into the world of Antares. I made these purchases when I first started Antares but do not plan to use them just yet. My first purchase was command Squad, I chose the Command Squad as a logical next step since my army currently lacks one. This gives me access to further rules to play with. I also picked up Bovan Tuk, the reason for this is to be a hero for my Ferals. Lore wise this works but from a rules perspective it allows me to play with named heroes, something I have no yet done and see what effect these more powerful and expensive characters can have on the battlefield, it will be interesting to see if the better option is to go with cheaper units or go a little more elite with my Freeborn.

For the next month Andy decided we should all convert a hero character to lead our forces and come up with a backstory as to why they are leading the force and fighting over our planets. For my conversion I decided to go with Amano Harran as a starting point and mainly for the body and pose. This character looks extremely dynamic and lends itself well to the weapon swaps I am going to do. As for the left hand weapon I want to use the pistol from Bovan Tuk, this weapon will represent the Ferals my hero is leading since it is big and brutal unlike the majority of the freeborn weapons, in the right hand I will pair the pistol from the Freeborn command squad. In my mind this dual wielding will look fantastic but will also show the two sides of the Freeborn, style and brutality. To finish off I will use a helmet from the concord, this will be the final step to really differentiate from Amano but also represent  the hostility of planet but the wide ranging equipment available to the Freeborn, and well helmets just look cool.

Games wise unfortunately real life has gotten in the way and I haven’t had much time to play. From my few games I’ve had so far though I can determine that I find Ghar a difficult opponent to damage, my main tactic so far has been putting pins on them however this doesn’t always work. To this end I think my next idea for tactics will be to utilise more x launchers with grip ammo to get the ghar stuck in positions they can’t be effective and work from there. I had a play with a borrowed one and it had a huge affect on one of the Ghar battlesuit squads effectively locking them down for two turns. I could also potentially outfit them with Net ammo to get even more pins on my enemy. I also want to explore the use of drones. Drones are a big part of Antares for me and my lack of them I feel has a big effect. Not only can they be used as powerful gun platforms I can also use them to link all my squads up so they can each see new targets to fire at that they normally wouldn’t be able to. With more Spotter drones I can have much more line of sight and the more I have the more of the battlefield I can cover. Using borrowed Spotter drones my X launcher became much more effective and allowed me to target much more of the battlefield, from now on any squad which has the option for a spotter drone will gain one. I have also added one extra Feral squad to bulk out my numbers and also a Domari Squad, this gives me a bit more of an elite basic trooper but again allows me to get more boots on the ground and outnumber most players I will face at my club. This will effectively nullify the stronger units I face (well hopefully) and the ability of the Ghar to use amps meaning I still have a good chance on the order dice draw. Well that’s the idea in theory now just to test this out some more.

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