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Terminator Genisys: Resistance Soldiers from around the community

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Following on from the painted Endoskeletons that we showed off last week, here’s a round up of the Resistance Soldiers that we’ve spotted so far:

Von Christian

RH_River_Horse_Terminator_Review_12 RH_River_Horse_Terminator_Review_13

First up we have these very nice examples from Von Christian spotted on the German hobby site Brückenkopf-Online. In fact he’s painted some great Endoskeletons too, that we missed last week:


Jez Allum

jez1 jez2

Jez has done a lovely job including some great detailing on that bandana. See more of Jez’s work here.

Andy Singleton

sin2 sin1

Andy has created some cool battle scenes – see more on his website.

Preview: Sarah Connor miniature

And finally, as an added extra treat, here’s some early pictures of the forthcoming Sarah Connor model:

Terminator Genisys