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Terminator Genisys: Commanders First Wave Tactics

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With the imminent release of ‘Terminator Genisys’ on DVD worldwide, the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game has been flying out of the Warlord warehouse – and rumours abound – vehicles, new characters, and heavy weapons. Who knows what will appear during the rise of the machines.

Alessio Cavatore tells us a bit more of the background and games tactics to get the best from your characters:


Guardian is the toughest infantry model on the Resistance side, by a long way. He is of course perfect for defending Sarah in scenarios set in the past, but of course the time-travelling background story make it suitable for use in battles set in the War Against the Machines – what if Sarah and Guardian (and Reese?) had travelled forward into the future?

Arnie with Shotgun

You can also use Guardian’s rules to represent any re-programmed T-800 that is used as a bodyguard by a Resistance commander (which uses Sarah’s stats or, for example, those of a Lieutenant of John Connor…).


Now with a classic bike he is more mobile than ever and with the tactical ability to pass other skynet machines until initiating a combat he becomes an invaluable asset to keep your opponent guessing at what your next action will be!

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Sarah Connor

Sarah is the only human that uses the D20 for her Resolution tests – her determination in helping her son fulfill his destiny makes her as relentless as a Machine!

Like Guardian, you can use Sarah in scenarios set in the past, or in what-if scenarios set in future, as well as simply using her rules for an interesting commander in the War Against the Machines. We have used her profile to represent the leader of an isolated band of post-apocalyptic survivors (who in turn used the rules for cops and swat teams).

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John Connor

John Connor (War Against the Machines version) is the best leader for your Resistance forces. Not only is he a good shot and a tough guy to kill (well, for a human that is…), but he has an unparalleled Command value of 5! That is truly exceptional, as the next best commanders have a mere value of 3.   And not only that, his tactical genius rule means that as long as John is well, you’ll get to roll a D10 for your Tactical Edge, so watch out and protect him well – he is a primary target for termination.

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T-1000 infiltrators are made of mimetic polyalloy – liquid metal. This allows them to change their shape at will, from imitating any human they have come into contact with, as well as any item of equivalent mass.

As well as being extremely strong, they can form stabbing and cutting parts out of their limbs, becoming a lethal close quarter fighter. Their most remarkable trait however is their uncanny resilience – destroying a T-1000 is almost impossible – use this advantage to hunt down Commanders and cut the head from the Resistance!

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The T-1000 might just be the ‘perfect weapon’, will Kyle Reese be up to the challenge? With a Command 3 and resilience 2, Kyle is the ideal command to move a large part of your force in one go. Group up and swamp key objectives or lone Terminators!


Terminator Genisys – The War Against The Machines

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