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New: Normandy Bocage Set 3

Alan Mander of Mandertory Miniatures recently dropped by Warlord HQ laden with goodies – including his latest offering, the third variety of his gorgeous Bocage sets – ideal for Bolt Action gamers looking to recreate the iconic battlefields of Normandy, perhaps the lovely British countryside, or elsewhere! View in store now Bocage is a high bank…

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Terminator Genisys: Escalate your Battles

View in Store The machines continue their conquest! What few humans survive look to the ruined devastation of once familiar cities to hide or mount counter-offensives against Skynet. Following up from Sam and Owens reports on escalating their games of Terminator Genisys we’ve  put together these fantastic options for you to upgrade your starting set and escalate the…


Webstore: Bocage Set 1

Box contains 12 resin cast pre-painted pieces of scenery making up around 8 1/2 feet in total, comprising 4 x 12 inch sections, 4 x 6 inch sections, 2 x T sections (around 8 inch total length) and 2 x corners sections (again around 8 inch total length)