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New Release: Pike & Shotte Mortar

As if we haven’t given you enough to get painting for your Pike and Shotte armies in the last few weeks, we’re proud to announce that we’ve added some heavy artillery for your forces to the webstore with the Pike & Shotte Mortar: There were few more terrifying weapons in the 17th Century than the…

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New Release: Pike & Shotte Clubmen

If you think your Pike & Shotte army has everything you could possibly want, we here at Warlord Games want you to rethink that opinion. The latest release for our Pike & Shotte range can be used for many things – organised Clubmen units (formal militia), angry villagers, or work equally well for games involving…

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Preview: ECW Plastic Sprue Revealed!

Previously we showed you a handful of the many options available in the forthcoming plastic boxed sets for our Pike & Shotte range. We’ve received so many questions about what’s included we’ve decided to show off the infantry sprue! We’ll bring you pics of the command sprue just as it arrives! Pike & Shotte Infantry…