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Cruel Seas: Fairmile B ML 145 Gunboat

The Royal Navy is launching their new Fairmile B ML 145 Gunboat, bringing more firepower to your fleets for Cruel Seas …   View in Store Fairmile B The Fairmile B class Motor Launch weighed in at 85 tonnes and 112 feet long. Crewed by 16 men it could make in the region of 20…

Cruel Seas, Products

New: Fairmile D MGB 660

Prepare to add more ships to your fleet and rule the coastal waters with a new Fairmile D, MGB 660, for the Royal Navy!   View in Store The Fairmile company produced a mass production vessel, which had good seagoing qualities and was used also for mine laying. Their most famous boat was probably the Fairmile…