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Algoryn, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites

Antares Fiction: In To Darkness, The Belly of the Beast – by Andrew William Tinney

Continued from part 2: Squad Kale Part 2 A maelstrom of ash engulfed them. Kale’s visor flickered with static as the tunnel entrance cascaded down, shutting them off from the Boromites and the desolated planet beyond. She switched to night vision and the darkness dissipated into an emerald glaze, flecked with the hazy outline her…

Algoryn, Background, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Freeborn, Ghar

Antares Fiction – Pyrrhic Success by Tim Bancroft

The rapid stuttering of distant lugger gun fire coincided with the tuneful roar of plasma grenades sending pillars of dust and rock into the air. Shaltok grunted in appreciation. The humans had been deceived, were struggling with identifying his camouflaged Outcasts. A pity there aren’t more of the local animals to drive towards them. His…