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Webstore: Japanese Build an Army

Build your army from the selections available to you in the drop down boxes, make sure you choose your free tank too. This army gives you all the models you need for getting started in Bolt Action with an army from Japan or alternatively will get you started with a new army at a fabulous price!…


Webstore: Industrial Battlefield

Sarissa Precision produce a wide range of wargaming terrain – and we carry pretty much all of them! Here we’ve put together an ideal starter bundle along with some of our own Battlefield Dressing terrain for Bolt Action players, whether you battle amongst the shattered ruins of the Russian front, or amid the occupied nations…


Webstore: Japanese SNLF Assault Force 1500pt

As Battle raged across the island chains of the Pacific, the Japanese would attempt to take more ground with combined strikes from the air and Sea, one such battle was for Menado in 1942. As the Yokosuka 1st SNLF Paratroopers made their jumps, the Special Naval Landing Force would be right behind them on the…