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New: Sarmatian Cataphracts!

Thundering in on armoured steeds, the Sarmatian heavy horsemen are here! Providing shock cavalry for your Dacian army or acting as Auxiliary Cavalry in your Roman army these riders will make a mess of most things in their path… When the Roman armies crossed the Danube and clashed with the tough Dacians of present day…

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New: Dacian Army Deal!

With our Sarmatian Cataphracts about to be released it would be rude of us not let you pick up a large Dacian army wouldn’t it? Check this deal out and see what savings can be had in the process… The Sarmy Army 3 boxes of Sarmatian Cataphracts for £65 (saving £7) Dacian With Death Army…

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Preview: Dacian Command Group

Our in-house sculptor, Wojtek (AKA The Bear), has been hard at it adding new miniatures to the Dacian range. As a taster here’s a look at a new command group with which to take on the Legions of Rome… Plenty more to come for the Dacians – we have Sarmatian Catapracts being sculpted now, for…


Webstore: Dacian Nobles

To the sound of rasping carynx horns and wild cries, the elite infantry of the Dacian army would surge forward against their invading Roman foe, intimidating them with their wild barbarian appearance and fierce countenance. Marking them out as


Webstore: Dacian Falxmen

There were few ancient peoples who were able to challenge the might of Rome, but the fierce Dacians, hailing from what is largely modern Romania, were one of the exceptions. Fighting two mighty wars with Rome, the Dacians gave the Legions a bloody nose