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Black Powder, Focus, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815

Focus: French Chasseurs a Cheval Light Cavalry

Easy-to-build Napoleonic French Chasseurs à Cheval! View in Store A single Chasseurs à Cheval (light cavalry) plastic trooper compromise of only six parts each: a 2-part horse, rider body, head, arm and sabretache/sabre scabbard. You’ll have these great-looking plastic horsemen on the tabletop and be harrying your opponents flanks in no time!   View in Store Formed in 1743,…

Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Uniforms & History

Napoleons Light Horse: The Chevau-Legers Lanciers of the Line

Warlord’s own David Matthews takes a look at our plastic Napoleonic French Line Lancers and delves into the background detail of Napoleons Light Horse – The Chevau-Legers Lanciers of the Line: “The Polish lancer, as well as the French lancer distinguished himself by his elegant appearance; but the looks of this last were softer and the colors…