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Webstore: German Grenadiers Starter Army

  Suggested Army List;  1 Lieutenant and 2 Riflemen* (70pts).  10 man squad of regular German Grenadiers* (2x SMG, 1x LMG, 4x panzerfaust). 146pts. 10 man squad of Veteran German Grenadiers* (10x Assault rifles, 4x panzerfaust). 200pts. 10 man squad of Veteran German Grenadiers* (2x LMG, 3x SMG, 2x panzerfaust). 189pts. Stug III Ausf G…


Webstore: 1x Mature Willow

This 20cm Mature Willow Tree is part of 4Grounds Trees & Scenic Material range, it is suitable for 28mm games. Willows, also called sallows, and osiers, form the genus Salix, around 400 species of deciduous trees and shrubs, found primarily on moist soils in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Most species are known…