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New: Isorian Phase Squad Singular Troopers

The Isorian Phase Squad is now available as singular troopers, including some never available before now. Get your dynamic looking squads with these new individuals! Isorian troops are equipped with phase armour which combines a hyperlight field with Isorian phase shifting technology. This desynchronises the wearer’s position in real-space isolating the target from harm, but…

Beyond the Gates of Antares, Boromites, Latest Products

New: Boromite heavy support team with X-Howitzer

The Heavy Support arrives for the Boromite clans, using mixed ammunition dependant on the target the Boromite X-Howitzer is a powerful artillery piece ideally suited to digging out entrenched troops. Boromite Heavy Support team with X-Howitzer View in Store Boromites are practically-minded, physically strong human morphs whose ancestors were bio-engineered in ancient times to work…