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Webstore: Suggested Paints

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The latest improvement to our webstore is the addition of Suggested Paints.


This box appears on product pages on the right-hand side, a little way below the Add-to-Cart button, and lets you buy the paints you might need for that model quickly and easily.

Colour Guide

Our Studio painting team have carefully selected the main colours that they recommend to get that authentic, historical look on your miniatures. Of course these choices are just a guide, and many painters will want to use further paints for shading, highlights or just adding some variation.

Different Armies

Each selection serves a particular army or force, for example, German Afrika Korps, Napoleonic French or the Justice Department. Where a particular model can be used in more than one army, you can use the dropdown menu to display whichever one you wish.


Not every army is covered just yet – we’re filling the gaps as fast as we can.

Select Paints

Hovering your mouse over the round paint swatches will bring up that paint’s name, and you can select or remove a paint by clicking the tick box or just on the coloured circle.


Then, when you click on the Add-to-Cart button to buy the model, your selected paints are added too. The additional cost of the paints is shown by the Add-to-Cart button to make everything clear.



Note that if you change the number next to the Add-to-Cart button in order to buy, say, two of a model, then you’ll get two of each selected paint as well. If this was not your intention, don’t worry – you can always adjust the quantities on the Cart page before you check out.

As always, if you need any help or advice, please get in touch on