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There comes a time when all the hard work you put into something pays off.

Such a time came to us at Warlord Games recently when none other than one of the world’s best wargames miniatures painters Steve Dean posted pictures of his unit of our Roman Auxiliary Cavalry. Several excited phone calls amongst Warlord staff and fans quickly ensued as we salivated over Steve’s work. Of particular interest is how Steve has been able to paint the Standard Bearers’s faceplate as a human face with great aplomb. Now there’s talent!

Far be it for us to suggest Steve through himself into painting our cavalry as a distraction from the current woes of his beloved Charlton Athletic…

Steve has a great website full of superbly-painted miniatures from a wide variety of games and manufacturers. Steve also takes commissions for painting which is an option well worth looking at. Steve’s site also holds one of our favourite forums. Why are his forums so good? Simply put it’s all in the attitude of the denizens therein – members are both knowledgeable and helpful. Not flamefests as per many other forums and they are a delight to browse.

To view more of Steve’s incredible work, please visit his web site here: