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SPQR: Digital Rulebook PDF

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The SPQR rulebook is available in a highly convenient digital PDF format. The book contains all rules necessary for creating and playing with your warbands.


SPQR Digital Rulebook PDF


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The PDF format is superbly suited for plotting your conquests on the go; as well as being a quick and easy reference to use during your games of SPQR.


The Game


SPQR is a lightning-fast skirmish game of warbands in the ancient world. Easy to learn, you’ll be scouting, raiding and pillaging with your miniatures in no time at all.


Warbands are led by powerful heroes. Though capable of turning the tide of battle single-handedly; they rely on the support of their minions; these form the bulk of your warband, though they are no less characterful for it.


Of course, some warriors come better trained or better equipped than others. Will you choose the armoured might of Caesar’s Legions or plump for the amassed hordes of a Gallic tribe. Perhaps you’ll field a nigh-on impenetrable Macedonian Phalanx? SPQR gives you all these options and more.


The Book

This book contains a wealth of content; included within its 196 pages are all the rules for playing the game, as well as a progressive campaign system. Full rules for 10 warbands are present. These are:


  • Imperial Rome
  • Dacia & Sarmatia
  • Iberia
  • Gaul
  • Caesar’s Legions
  • Macedonia
  • Persia
  • Thebes
  • Sparta
  • Athens


Each warband is presented with a collection of unique scenarios tailored to their particular style of warfare, as well as a brief historical overview.


The Experience

SPQR offers a varied experience with a large number of warbands and scenarios to choose from. The customisation garnered from choosing your own heroes and abilities enables the player to dictate their preferred tactical methods, rather than the warband selected dictating this for you.


The campaign progression system allows you to develop your heroes between battles, to a style of your liking. With each victory achieved your undistinguished hero may eventually become a legend in their own right!


Alternatively, you can fight single battles to test the might of a plethora of legendary figures such as Julius Caesar, Boudicca or Leonidas. Utilise their powerful abilities to command and inspire your troops and lay swift destruction to your foes.


How you’d like to play is entirely down to you…


SPQR Digital Rulebook PDF


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Ready to conquer?


Choose your heroes, assemble your warriors, hire mercenaries or recruit powerful legends of renown. Wreak havoc as you lead your warbands to raid, pillage and plunder your way to victory. Forge your own path and conquer all who stand before you!


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