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Spotlight: The 100 days Campaign deals

With the release of our Black Powder supplement Albion Triumphant – The Hundred Days Campaign we thought it was a good time to spotlight the great deals we have in store for armies, divisions and brigades set in this most glorious of military conflicts!

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First up we have the Prussians at Ligny army deal:

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At the Battle of Ligny (16th June 1815) II Battalion, 1st Westphalian Landwehr withstood 3 charges by French Cuirassiers and Heavy Cavalry of the Old Guard, driving the French back each time with volley fire.

Blucher said,  ‘At first it was only so-so with the Landwehr Battalions, but now they’ve had a taste of powder, they’re as good as the line battalions’

This offer save you over 20% of the full price and provides you with: –

  • 6 Prussian Landwehr plastic boxed sets (180 including command!)
  • Prussian Mounted Officers (2)
  • Prussian Command (3)
  • Prussian Casualty Pack (4)


Next we have the French Heavy Cavalry Brigade deal:

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This deal contains four boxes of plastic French heavy cavalry and will give you 56 mounted cavalrymen which can be built as either Cuirassier or Carabiniers. Also there are casualties which can be used to decorate your table top or Black Powder wound counters.

And for the British we have the Infantry Brigade deal:

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Victrix Napoleonic British Infantry brigade deal gives you three boxed sets totalling 156 plastic foot models! You can select which boxes you choose (we have included Peninsular War companies to choose from too because we are nice like that)!

And finally we have a plastic French Hussars Cavalry wing:

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The figures in the box cover the hussar regiments in the French army from the Revolutionary War to the end of the Empire. They can be represented in their stunning full-dress uniforms or their more functional campaign dress.

Included in the box are enough heads to kit the whole unit out in either mirlitons, colpacks, three different types of bell-top shakos (one of which is covered) or cylindrical shakos. The torsos are separate from the legs, to allow you to choose between the full dress breaches or campaign overalls. The pelisses and carbines are also separate.

Each Box contains 14 mounted figures, unit bases, painting guide and flags and this deal gives you 3 boxes while saving you money!

All of the above along with further army deals can be found here in our store.


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