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Spotlight: Inspirational Painting by Francesco Thau

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Our friend Francesco Thau is once again astounding us with his exquisite brushwork. Take a peek and get inspired to take up your own brush!

Spotlight: Inspirational Painting by Francesco Thau

Francesco has turned his hand to a number of different regiments in our Black Powder Napoleonic Era range. There is not much we can say about these stunning models. They truly speak for themselves. If you are inspired, as we have been, why not try your hand at some of these models?

British Highlanders Regiment

Francesco Thau Painted Highlanders

Italian Grenadiers

Francesco Thau Painted Old Guard


Note that these were made using the French Old Guard Grenadier kit.

Late French Line Infantry (1812-15)

Prussian Landwehr Regiment (1813-15)

Francesco Thau Painted Landwehr


Portuguese Six-Pounder Cannon



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If you’ve been inspired and would like to have a go yourself, these are some of the regiments that Francesco has used.

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