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Showcase: Landsknechts by Francesco Thau

Francesco Thau shares his stunning work on the latest Warlord Games plastic Landsknechts! If Francesco’s inspirational work has tempted you to get started with your own Hussars then charge over to the store today: View The Landsknechts in Store See more of Francesco’s stunning work here:   View Francesco Thau’s articles If you have an article or collection of…

Black Powder, Napoleonic Wars 1789-1815, Painting & Modelling, Showcase

Showcase: KGL light infantry by Francesco Thau

Following on from his lovely Napoleonic British Infantry here and here, Francesco Thau is back with more great photos of more great models – this time the King’s German Legion light infantry from our La Haye Sainte – Farmhouse Assault collector’s edition set: Francesco already has more Warlord models on his painting table and we…

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Warlord Games: Summer Offensive, Painting Competition!

Wow – time’s flown and we’re nearly there, there’ve been some absolutely stunning entries so far. We had a flurry of activity on the forum last weekend and some experienced ‘difficulties’ uploading their hard work. So to that end, we’re extending deadlines to the Sunday 2nd September and asking you all to email entries to…