Special Royal Wedding Party Offer!

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Being firmly of Monarchist persuasion here at Warlord HQ it would be remiss of us not to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this Friday, wouldn’t it?

The good news for you is we’re doing so with a very regal offer based around all that is British! It’s enough to make your stiff upper lip wobble with pride…

Will and Kate

A Royal wedding is truly an occasion to be celebrated and as staunch Royalists we at Warlord wanted to do something to celebrate. So we’ve put together this offer to keep you busy once the street party’s calmed down.

Needless to say this is not available to traitors, rebels, Parliamentarians and some Scots. Not being greedy we have extended it to all of the former colonies (God bless ’em) and America, which is sort of a colony anyway.

Head here to take advantage of this incredible deal!

Red Devils

Simply select any three of our British boxed sets pictured above or from the list below and then choose a fourth one to have free. Then retire to your garden and pour yourself a well-earned Pimms while we get them all in the post to you. Choose yours now!

The list of eligible boxed sets includes:

Ancient British Warriors Boxed Set
Chindits Boxed Set
British Infantry Boxed Set
Commandos! Boxed Set
Red Devils Boxed Set
Crimean War British Line Regiment Boxed Set
Royalist Infantry Boxed Set
Royalist Cavalry Boxed Set

Visit the webstore to get in on this deal while you still can!

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