Project Z, Showcase

Showcase: Project Z

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Fight to survive in the abandoned streets of a post-apocalyptic world infested by unnatural creatures hungry for your flesh.


Take control of Survivors or a Street Gang in the fight to survive against the environment and an ever-growing horde of Zombies!


Scavenge for scarce supplies whilst battling against the dead and the living alike; there are no laws, there are no rules, only the fight.


Superb plastic multi-part models just oozing with detail and extras from Wargames Factory


Complete fast play rules for skirmishing against the horde, or each other!


A mere fence will not stop the unrelenting nightmare, fight the fear & fight the dead!


Strike a pose whilst defending your brothers & sisters in a fight that has no end!


How will you make your last stand?


Pre-order now for shipping early April –

The Complete Zombie bundle deal contains the full Project Z range (main game and one of each expansion set) plus FREE Feral Dogs!

  • Project Z – The Zombie Miniatures Game
  • Zombie Horde Expansion Set
  • Male Survivors Expansion Set
  • Biker Gang Expansion Set
  • Female Survivors Expansion Set
  • Special Operations Team Expansion Set
  • Feral Dogs FREE!

NB Pre-Order window ends on 11th March

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