Showcase: Desert Vehicles – Buy 3 Get 15% OFF!

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With the 15% off 3 vehicles offer coming to a close this month, and with half term and Easter breaks just around the corner, now is the prime opportunity you’ve been waiting for to grab your tanks for your desert battles!

Nearly all the vehicles shown below are included in the 15% off deal (you can easily spot them in the webstore with the red label attached).

Phew, that’s a lot of tanks!

We’ve been overwhelmed by your support and enthusiasm for the war in the desert (and many other theatres), and with the 15% off of 3 vehicles offer coming to an end this month our production teams are at full capacity, ensuring you get the highest quality products that you deserve!

So as the deal comes to an end, you may have to wait a little longer than usual as we complete your bespoke orders, and we thank you in advance for your patience.

British, American, & Allies

We’ve a whopping selection for vehicles in the desert, easily enabling you to create your own armoured division, there’s something for all the Allied forces:


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Axis – German Afrikakorps

The Axis of course were at times very dominant on the battlefield with superior tactics and equipment! Again our vast range for both German and Italians will give you plenty of options to choose from:


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Axis – Italian


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Of course if you want some of the latest equipment not included in Wheels of Steel then you can find these, often with their own separate and unique offers, in the New Release section of the store:


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