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New: Army Painter Wargaming Set

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Available now – the Army Painter Wargaming Set delivers just the tools you need for playing a battle, in a FREE case, with FREE super glue to deal with those inevitable casualties of war!


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Everything you need to wreak havoc on the battlefield is in the Wargaming Set. Complete in one, quality, ziplocked case making sure that you never lose your command tools.

The Wargaming set is comprised of:

  • The “Markerlight” laser pointer
  • The “Targetlock” laser line
  • The “Rangefinder” cm/inch tape measure
  • 36 dice including detachable dice pouch – 6 green and 30 red dice
  • FREE 24gm super glue
  • FREE Zip locked carrying case

NB. Unfortunately because of customs restrictions we are unable to ship this product overseas, and so it will not be made available in our US webstore.


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