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Arguably one of the best miniatures painter in the world, Sascha has been working his magic on our Roman and Celt ranges. We’ll be showing these remarkable results off to you in future newsletters but for now here’s Sascha’s Boadicea:

Sascha Herm's Boadicea 1

With the rumble of wooden wheels and a flash of scarlet tresses Boadicea, Queen of the Iceni will soon be making her way onto battlefields at the head of your Celt army in all her haughty and defiant glory.

Famed for her stubborn resistance against the invading Roman Legions in the 1st Century AD, this powerful warrior queen banded together various British tribes to resist Roman occupation.

Sascha Herm's Boadicea 2

Sascha Berm's Boadicea 3

As you can see, Sascha’s fame as a renowned miniatures painter is well deserved.  Special touches such as the additional reins and detailed tattoos on Boadicea’s burly driver truly serve to make this miniature a worthy centrepiece for any collection.

Sascha Berm's Boadicea 4

Sascha Berm's Boadicea 5

You can view more of Sascha’s work on his website.

If Sascha’s work has inspired you, you can purchase your own version of this miniature to test your brush-handling skills on right now in the Warlord webstore!