New! Forgecraft Bases!

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We’re delighted to announce we’ve become exclusive European distributors for Forgecraft’s lovely bases. These high quality sculpted bases will perfectly complement your lovingly painted miniatures and provide a great theme for your army. Let’s take a look at just a few of the thirty-six (36!) different basing sets that we now have available.

Fancy some dungeoneering? Then the Descent Into the Depths basing set is just what the Gamesmaster ordered! These quality 25mm resin bases are designed to create a decent into the depths scenic environment showing worn, chipped, cracked, and broken stone floors with different debris litters each base such as, moss, lichen, dirt, fallen beams, rocks, backpack, hammer, and even flowing water depending on the set selected.

Next up we have the Fire & Brimstone base set. These fire and brimstone 20mm resin bases create a volcanic wasteland environment. Each base is unique with different scenic elements such as flowing lava, volcanic rock, and flames flickering out of fissures in the rock.

Finally these quality 25mm Lake of Sorrows resin bases create a dry lake bed desert scenic environment each with different dried and broken earth with sandy or rocky edges.

There are LOADS more base styles available from Forgecraft Games and all these fine products are well suited for use with all gaming miniature products in any game setting including fantasy, sci-fi, cyber-punk, etc. They are also an excellent choice for army commanders seeking to set their troops apart of create a unique setting for their troops or to create a unique backdrop for that special miniature.

These sets are produced in the USA and are delivered as gray cast unpainted bases and may require some very minor flashing removal and cleaning prior to painting. You can see our full line of Forgecraft Games products right now in the Warlord webstore!

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