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Price Rises Announcement

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At the start of February we’ll be implementing a price rise on the items outlined below due to increased costs.

Rather than implement the new pricing immediately we’re giving two weeks notice, which should be ample time for you to take advantage of the current prices!

There will be price increases on the following products:

  • 1. Starter Army Boxes by £5 or £10 each (including Pike & Shotte Battalia and Roman Starter Army)
  • 2. Some Bolt Action plastic sets and sprues to increase by £1 or £2.
  • 3. Individual figures up to £2.50 each (single figures are a pain to deal with but we really want to still offer the service to you).
  • 4. All resin vehicles to increase by £1.

This will come into effect on the 1st February 2015.