Preview: Roman Travelling Coach

We showed the basic coach off at Salute earlier this year. Since then Wojtek has been hard at work finishing the project – see the forthcoming model here…

As you can see this coach comes with two passengers in addition to the drover. First is a well-fed Senator-type reading from a scroll as he prepares for a typical day for a politician (lying, feathering his own nest and all manner of skullduggery as he ‘serves’ the Roman Empire…). Of more fair complexion is the other passenger. This Roman noblewoman is putting the last touches to her appearance before arriving at her destination. Any resemblance to Lucretia (played by Lucy Lawless in the TV Series Spartacus) is purely coincidental.

It won’t be long before you can add this superb resin and metal set to you collection – it’ll make a great scenario objective or even be fielded as part of your army’s baggage train.