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Preview: Pike & Shotte coach

Those of you attending Salute this year may have noticed this travelling coach in its most rudimentary form. Since then Wojtek has worked his magic and we knew you’d want to see this magnificent model as soon as possible…

This impressive set will make a perfect army commander stand for your games of Pike & Shoote. Or it could also be used as scenery or even an objective marker. Either way, who could resist one of these for their games?

The occupants of the coach are clearly enjoying each others company. The gentleman is based firmly on Brigadier Peter Young (he of Sealed Knot re-enactment fame – amongst other distinctions!). A renowned ladies man, The Brig is seen charming his fair companion…

This spectacular resin and metal will be available before too long so sit back and enjoy the ride (as the actress said…)!

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