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New: Wojtek’s Pixies!

Warlord’s in-house sculptor, Wojtek is like a miniature version of a real human being. As one of the little people he was keen to sculpt something of a similar scale to himself and these lovely little pixie models are the result.

Stand up and take a bow Wojtek. Oh, you are…

This pack of wee winged wonders contains 5 pixies – each with a separate base. Your can get your hands on them here – just make sure you have your butterfly net and a jam jar handy…

And as if we could possibly forget Wojtek’s first fantasy models since he’s been with us – the Sister Sledgehammerers fantasy football team. These busty ball-hugging babes certainly have captured your imagination (and no doubt your heart too…).

Lady Dwarfs

The set includes: –

2 Shield Maidens
2 Iron Maidens
2 Winged Maidens
6 Hand Maidens

So 12 beautifully sculpted models with bags of character suitable for use in most popular fantasy football games outside of the Daily Telegraph. Pick yours up here today!

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