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Preview: More Landwehr!

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Oh, come now – you didn’t think we’d stop at plastic Napoleonic Prussian Landwehr did you? Take a butchers at the new sculpts for this range which are due for release in the not-too-distant future…

Landwehr Casualties

These dynamic casualty miniatures are just the thing to mix in with your regiments for a gritty dose of reality. The poor fellows have been knocked off their feet! These would also make for excellent elements in a cinematic diorama. In the pack will also be two dead landwehr – great to use as casualty markers in your games of Black Powder or to add to your bases for even more atmosphere.

Landwehr Casualties

Check out our Landwehr at trail – the separate right arms gives you bags of variation whilst retaining a uniform look to the unit. We also have Landwehr pikemen on the way too…


In the meantime, why haven’t you picked up any of the currently available, ready to ship, Prussian Landwehr plastic regiments from our webstore? Head here and get to it!