Pre-Order: Battleground Europe – Bolt Action supplement

Bolt Action Theatre Books

Battleground Europe is the first in our brand new range of Bolt Action Theatre Books, each of which focus on a specific theatre of operations, providing detailed history, scenarios, army lists and rules for specific historical units and characters, so gamers can immerse themselves far more deeply in the detail of the campaign.

There will be Theatre Books for the Eastern Front, Pacific, Early War, etc so no matter where you choose to fight your games we’ll have you covered!

From D-Day to Germany!

This first supplement deals with the final phase of World War II in Western Europe. It covers the build-up to the Invasion of Normandy, the fight through bocage country, the snowy forests of the Ardennes, and follows the combatants through to the crumbling of the Third Reich and German surrender.


Exclusive Free Miniature

Remember that when you buy one of our rulebooks direct from us, it comes with an exclusive free miniature, not available anywhere else! For Battleground Europe the exclusive model is this British War Photographer – bravely risking his life to capture the heroics of the Allied soldiers on celluloid.


Early Pre-Order

Battleground Europe is due to be shipped in November, but we know that many of you are eager to get your hands on it so we’ve decided to launch pre-orders now! Pre-order copies are always sent out first, often well in advance of the official release date.

Remember this won’t be sent out until November, so any other items in the same order will be held until then – if you want other goodies before that then place a separate order!

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