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New: American War of Independence British Starter Army

We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the first fruit of our partnership with Wargames Factory, making available to order our new American War of Independence British Starter Army:


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Packed with highly detailed plastics this set is a fantastic way to start with your Rebellion!

New York – 1776, General Washington has been preparing his defences since April.

After leading British troops to victory in the Battle of Bunker Hill, General William Howe took command of all British forces in America.

General Howe plans an attack with a precision hitherto unknown in British operations in north America. His reinvigorated army sets sail from Halifax, arriving at new York in late June and capturing Staten Island on 2nd July.

WGR-ARMY1 AWI British Starter Army e

These troops are bolstered in August, first by the return of Clinton’s flotilla from Charleston and later by the arrival from England of a 150-ship fleet carrying reinforcements including the Foot Guards and numerous regiments raised from the German Principalities, who will become ever-known as “Hessians”.

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With an army now substantially outnumbering the defenders, Howe orders the first units to be landed on Long Island on 22nd August. Within three days there are 20,000 British and allied troops on Long Island, divided into two wings. Half of the force will engage the rebels frontally with feint attacks, while the other half swings far around the rebel left flank. The fighting results in overwhelming defeat for the rebels, but Howe stops short of finishing off the defenders, believing them trapped…..

Box Contents

Prepare your Army and make your plans to fight these battles with the new American War of Independence British Starter Army:

120 British Line Infantry, including full command
30 Hessian Militia
8 Woodland Indians
1 Cannon and limber (including Molly Pitcher)
1 Mounted Commander
1 Casualty
1 Full Colour Flag sheet


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